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Simon Hobbs Profile

Simon Hobbs currently (as of July 2011) a "fill-in anchor" now based at CNBC Global Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J.  Simon Hobbs is on throughout CNBC's Business Day programming (5AM-7PM ET) apparently filling in for regular anchors who are on vacation or special assignment.

According to CNBC, Hobbs began his career in radio, producing some of the biggest names in UK broadcasting before moving to television. His work for news organizations includes Reuters, Sky News, BBC, Channel 4 and London Weekend Television. In November 2006, Hobbs was named International TV Presenter of the Year by the Association for International Broadcasters (AIB).

Education: Simon Hobbs holds a bachelor's of science degree in economics from University College London.

Simon Hobbs with Carl Quintanilla and Melissa Lee on July 14, 2011
CarlQuintanilla, MelissaLee and Simon_Hobbs


Simon Hobbs's email address
try cnbconline@cnbc.com

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