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 Network Capital Mortgage Rates

Network Capital Adjustable and Fixed FHA Mortgage Rates
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Network Capital Mortgage Rates as of 9/2/10
Fixed Rate Loans
(Conforming means  $417,000 or Less)

30 yr Fixed:3.750% - (3.890% APR)
30 yr FHA:  4.250% - (4.930% APR)
15 yr Fixed:3.375% - (3.700% APR)
 5 yr Fixed:3.375% - (3.352% APR)
Network Capital

2040 Main St. Suite 420
Irvine, CA 92614
Phone: 888.563.8227
Fax: 800.707.0061
Email: customerservice@networkcapital.net

Disclaimer:  Rates are believed to be current but they can change at any time.  APR = Annual Percentage Rate

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