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Major World Market Graphs at a Glance Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS
Portfolio Returns By Year
Major World Market Graphs at a Glance

Jim Cramer's "Action Alerts Plus" Portfolio Performance for 2009 to 2011

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Update March 14, 2012:  Jim Cramer says on his website:
I created Action Alerts PLUS specifically to help you make money in this tough market. When you join me with Action Alerts PLUS you get:

    * Action Alerts Emails: I'll tell you exactly why I'm making each move so you can learn and become a better investor yourself.
    * Total Access to my Personal Portfolio: I'll show you 100% of my stock ideas that you can access at any time.
    * Weekly Roundup: I'll even summarize each week's activity so you can review all of our winning trades.

So please accept my invitation and join me right now!

What he doesn't tell you anywhere I can find is how those stock picks performed over the years he has given them!  

Check out this article showing Cramer's performance vs the market for 2009, 2010 & 2011: 

He underperformed the market by 5% per year for the last 3 years!

Why doesn't he give his portfolio returns by year like this
You KNOW that if Cramer beat a simple investment in the S&P500 or the DJIA he would tell you since that would be worth paying for.

Do you have his returns by year prior to those listed in the article?  If yes, then please send them to us.  Your place for information and advice about anything and everything under the sun.


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