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Best 46" & 47" LCD HDTV
The Best 46-Inch and 47-Inch High Definition LCD TVs
How to buy the best, new 46" or 47" HDTV for your needs
March 2009 Consumer Reports Cover
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Start with "Consumer Reports" magazine:  Page 30 of the March 2009 issue of  "Consumer Reports" magazine  ranks 15 LCD HDTV sets for many things that include, price, picture quality, sound quality, ease of use, number of HDMI inputs (for connecting other HDMI equipped devices like a Blu-Ray DVD or an Xbox game player)  The table also lists if the sets are 120 Hz (compared to the older, 60 Hz technology). 
Next check the most popular models:  Often there is  "wisdom in the masses" so you should check a list of the Best Selling HDTV Sets to see what others decided to buy. You may not always agree with all conclusions from "the masses" or "Consumer Reports", but at least we know neither is influenced by the need to sell advertising.

Final Step to selecting your new TV:  Do your own research in the store.  We agree with CR that the Samsung LN46A550 is a great HDTV set.  It uses 60 Hz hence the great savings compared to the others. The number one ranked Samsung LN46A850 at $2,240 uses 120 Hz for a price they show as an extra $740! 

Top 46-Inch and 47-Inch  LCD HDTV Sets according to Consumer Reports
Top Digital LCD HDTV Sets We saw these side-by-side at Fry's Electronics
Samsung LN46A850 (120Hz) and 
Samsung LN46A550 (60Hz)
Costco and Walmart usually have great prices on Vizio.
Vizio V047LF (60Hz) is worth a good look

The 60 Hz sets have a bit of pixilation or blurry motion compared to plasme which is mostly made up for by going to 120 Hz.  The newest sets are starting to use 240 Hz for ultimate performance in very large screen sizes for those with fat wallets. To better understand how the technology works, scroll down to "Auto Motion plus 120 Hz" here.

LCD vs Plasma: LCD HDTVs use much less power for a given screen size compared to Plasma TVs. They could be cheaper to own over the long term. LCD HDTVs are usually easier to view in a bright room compared to plasma HDTVs.

LCD DefinitionLiquid Crystal Display
If you have picture troubles, make sure you have a good HDTV Antenna

DB2 Multi Directional HDTV Antenna DB2 Multi Directional HDTV Antenna 
  • Named "The Highest Performing Indoor Antennas" from HDTV Primer.
  • Receive uncompressed, over-the-airHDTV signals from local affiliates.
  • Better HDTV picture than cable or satellite.
  • Range: 1-30 Miles
  • Great for indoor, outdoor and attic use.

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