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Major World Market Graphs at a Glance Top Law Schools for 2010
Major World Market Graphs at a Glance


Top10 "First-Tier" Law Schools
School, City, State & Full Time Student Cost per year
  1. Yale University. New Haven, CT:  $48,340
  2. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA:  $43,900
  3. Stanford University, Stanford, CA: $44,121
  4. Columbia University, New York, NY: $48,004
  5. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL: $44,757
  6. New York University, New York, NY: $44,820
  7. University of California--Berkeley, Berkeley, CA: $35,907 in-state
    Go Bears!   out of state is $48,152 per year
  8. (Tied #7) University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA:  $46,514
  9. University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI:  $43,250 in-state
    out of state is $46,250 per year
  10. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA:  $38,800 in-state
    out of state is 43,800 per year

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The U.S. News law school rankings "are a misleading and deceptive, profit-generating commercial enterprise that compromises U.S. News and World Report's journalistic integrity." 

--Carl Monk, executive director of the Association of American Law Schools

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