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Flowers Keep it Fresh and Interesting
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Flowers: Keeping it fresh and interesting -  There’s little doubt that the act of sending fresh flowers has the ability to lift our spirits and touch our hearts. For any new mum they send a warm welcome to her recent arrival, and let her know how special she is. Yet, with the inevitable inundation of cellophane clad hand-tied Chrysanthemums to the hospital and home, it’s worth considering that when it comes to floral presentation, alternatives shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are a few inspiring suggestion for how to avoid floral boredom and make your sentiments stand out.
Contemporary Flowers- While flowers like Roses, Tulips and Chrysanthemums are undeniably classic, by the fourth bunch even the most timeless of flowers can look uninspired. With a huge rise in the popularity of more modern and unusual blooms, there are a range of innovative options for flowers and foliage that can create striking and sophisticated effects. Opt for elegant Calla Lilies, lush Anthuriums, and eye-catching Birds of Prey to create a chic and elegant arrangement.   
Pot Plants- No longer only associated with twee Busy Lizzies, a flowering plant in a pot can make a fantastic gift for a new family.  Orchids make visually stunning presents, while Peace Lilies have sentimental meaning and providing a long lasting display that will match the growth of their own child.
Containers- The way in which you choose to present you floral gift is everything. People, like flowers, have very distinctive styles, and this should not only be reflected in your choice of bloom, but also in the setting in which they are displayed. If your proud parents have traditional tastes then the addition of a china cup or crystal vase gives them something they can treasure. Alternatively, if they prefer styles that are more contemporary, look for sculptural holders in ceramics or metals.
An important thing to remember is that no matter what design or bloom you choose, tired flowers never look good. Make sure that if you are ordering from the Internet you remember to opt for same or next day delivery. Websites like ASDA’s offer a comprehensive catalogue of floral ideas with the option of speedy postage. This way, you can ensure that your flowers get there in time to greet the new arrival. 

Above all keep in mind that the birth of a new child is something that is fresh, unique, and inspiring, and make sure your choice of flowers reflects this!

Fresh flowers can lift the spirits. Roses, Tulips and Chrysanthemums to Calla Lilies, lush Anthuriums and eye-catching Birds of Prey all have their place.

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