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Information about jobs to cleanup BP Oil Spill
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Information about jobs cleaning up the BP oil spill along the Gulf Coast in the Gulf of Mexico.

Residents of the Gulf Coast can seek jobs cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico directly through BP PLC ( or through third parties.  In most cases, they will need a rigorous training process after following an application process to get hired.

BP is hiring owners of U.S. Coast Guard-inspected boats, and the boats' crews. The boat must pass Coast Guard inspection and crew members must participate in multiple training courses to be hired. To register a boat, call 281-366-5511.

The state of Alabama is also collecting resumes from potential workers. For more information, go to

BP Pay Rates
    * Crew member (or ship captain): $200 each for an eight-hour day
    * Boats 30 feet or smaller: $1,200 per day
    * 30-foot to 45-foot boats: $1,500 per day
    * 45-foot to 65-foot boats: $2,000 per day
    * Boats 65 feet or larger: $3,000 per day
-- Source: BP PLC



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