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Best CD Rates Beautiful News Reporters and Anchorwomen for 2008 2007 Wealthiest List

Beautiful Celebrity Businesswomen

The most beautiful reporters and anchorwomen on TV News.  Who is the prettiest?  Pictures and videos below.
Melissa Theuriau of France Video

Still photos (pictures) of Melissa Theuriau 

Trish Regan (
more), Melissa Francis
(more) and Jane Wells (more)
The "Ginger, Marianne and Dilligan call"

More Beautiful Women

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Picture of Rebecca Jarvis
Money Honey, Money Honeys or Money Honies
no matter how you spell it, they all brighten the business news.

Market Sentiment Indicators  &  Highest CD Rates

check out the plunging neckline and the square thing to draw attention to it.

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