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The Economic Cycle Research Institute Definitions

The Economic Cycle Research Institute, or ECRI, is an independent forecasting group based in New York.  ECRI publishes several leading indexes designed to predict changes in the economy.

"ECRI is perhaps the only organisation to give advance warning of each of the past three recessions; just as impressive, it has never issued a false alarm."  - The Economist, Jan. '05

WLI or Weekly Leading Index:  The  WLI and the WLI growth rate are designed to predict future turning points in the business cycle (recessions and recoveries.) 
The WLI annualized growth rate smooths out monthly fluctuations.

USFIG or U.S. Future Inflation Gauge:  USFIG and its growth rate are designed to anticipate cyclical swings in the rate of inflation.  The USFIG annualized growth rate smooths out monthly fluctuations.

ECRI Contact Information:
  •     professional@businesscycle.com

  •     New York +1 212 557 7788, London +44 207 060 1223

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