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Robert Taylor

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Robert Taylor's Xyber9 program uses gravity to time the stock market. 
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Robert Taylor is the author of Paradigm

Allan P. Harris writes: Paradigm is a novel written by Robert Taylor, published by Savas Beatie in 2006. It is the story of two brothers who discover the holy grail of stock market timing and then are chased across Europe and the United States by powerful dark forces who already had discovered the secret and are not too happy about sharing it. It's 600+ pages were a quick and entertaining read and I recommend it to those of you who enjoy reading and in particular, enjoy reading about anything related to the stock market.

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"The science wrapped in this novel will challenge how we think about gravity and the relationship between science and business. Truth and fiction merge to tell an intriguing tale." (M. Douglas Ivester, Former Chairman and CEO, Coca-Cola)

"Simultaneously an exciting tale of intrigue and adventure and an intellectual paradigm-quake, this enthralling reality-fiction novel's emotionally gripping plot and players completely absorb both the reader's mind and heart until the final, satisfying denouement."


Kirk's Investment Newsletter: Send for a FREE SAMPLE ISSUE today!

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