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Sy Harding Current MACD Signal
Seasonal Timing Strategy™ (STS)

 Sy Harding's STS Seasonal Timing Strategy:  Applied to S&P 500 & Dow Charts

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Sy Harding: Author of Beat the Market the Easy Way!,

Sy Harding applies the Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator, or MACD, to the Dow after the average best time to leave the market, April 20, following the "sell in May and Go away" strategy. 

Likewise, around the best days on average to enter the market, October 16, Harding's STS looks for positive MACD to enter the market again.

1-Month Daily DOW Chart with STS MACD signal
1-Month Daily DOW Chart with STS MACD signal

1-Month Daily S&P500 Chart with MACD signal

Sy Harding: Author of "Riding the Bear" and "The Street Smart Report"

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