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J. Welles Wilder
Delta Trading

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J. Welles Wilder:  In the early 80's, Welles Wilder founded the Delta Society International where he sells his Delta trading system.

"… I’ve found that the most important thing in trading is always doing the right thing, whether or not you win or lose… this is market savvy… money management... I would go so far as to say that whether one makes money in the markets depends on whether or not one uses the proper money management – how much you make depends on where you enter and exit the markets."
__ Wilder, J. Welles., "Wilder’s Back," February 1986

FORBES Magazine (October, '80) singled out Mr. Wilder as "the premier technical trader publishing his work today."

BARRON'S (July '84) states that: "In 1978, the basis of mathematical analysis was expanded when J. Welles Wilder, Jr. published New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems.

FINANCIAL WORLD (July '85) acknowledges that, "Over the years, Wilder has developed more accurate commodity trading systems and concepts than any other expert."

Not much about J. Welles Wilder lately except this 2005 article "Interview with J. Welles Wilder" in the Asia Pacific publication "The Trader's Journal"

Patrick Slevin  wrote in our facebook group called "Spiral Forum: Trading Futures with Groundzero"

It (Robert Taylor's program that uses gravity called Xyber9) all sounds uncomfortably like Delta, but Wilder's group never sued him so I guess it's somehow different.

I'll see if I cannot find a Delta link. It was very secretive back in the 1980's, but some heavy commodity traders were signing up for it and I wanted in. I did not, eventually, because I was still trading part time.

Widler made the mistake of using a sample of it to "prove" it worked, and by chance used a prediction that had the "Inversion" that you speak of.

So, Delta was ridiculed & only a small group ever ended up using it.

I used it, successfully, after learning it. But it's a lot of work, and I gave it up. I still look at patterns the way it is designed to dio, but only on short time frames.


Kirk's Investment Newsletter: Send for a FREE SAMPLE ISSUE today!

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