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TIPS Fixed and Adjustable Rates
Treasury-Inflation Protected Securities

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Treasury-Inflation Protected Securities, also known as TIPS, are securities whose principal is tied to the Consumer Price Index. With inflation, the principal increases. With deflation, it decreases. When the security matures, the U.S. Treasury pays the original or adjusted principal, whichever is greater.

pay interest every six months, based on a fixed rate applied to the adjusted principal.  Each interest payment is calculated by multiplying the adjusted principal by one-half the interest rate. Follow the links below to view detailed data on the CPI numbers for various time periods.   
(from TreasuryDirect.gov)

iShares Barclays TIPS Bond Fund - TIP
Annual Expense Ratio = 0.20%

Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities Fund VIPSX
Annual Expense Ratio = 0.20%

Chart of Base Rates for TIPS and IBonds
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