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The Power of Photography
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The Power of Photography: The ability to convey sentiment and expression through the medium of photography is an incredibly powerful one. Photographs have the capacity to capture real emotion and preserve a moment in time for eternity. They provide a way for a family to document and narrate their lives, and collectively understand and share in their history. For this reason, when an occasion as unique and special as the birth of a new child occurs, a photographic gift can often be an ideal way to acknowledge the joyful day.

Picture frames and photo albums are both classic gifts to consider when looking for a suitable present for the new born child. They allow proud parents to show off their new arrival, while at once preserving their memories of their little one’s earliest years for generations to come. Albums can be professionally bound and personalised to create a gift that is both stylish and individual. Similarly, a handcrafted and engraved photo frame in silver or wood makes a distinct and cherished keepsake.
Digital Photo Frames As Low As $36 These traditional options for presenting pictures will always be well received by any friends, colleagues and family with a new addition to their clan. However, the recent revolution in the digitalisation of photography has meant that there is now an ever-expanding market of innovative possibilities for your photographs. A simple snap of their new arrival can be transformed into a whole variety of inspiring gift ideas such as key rings, calendars, canvas prints, blankets and photograph boxes. For those extra proud parents you can even commission a t-shirt or handbag! Digital gift ideas also make great presents for joyful new grandparents.  We recommend a Digital Photo Frame.

For those with a slightly bigger budget, a professional baby portrait or family photo shoot is considerate gift idea that will make new parents feel truly special.  With an expert child-friendly photographer they will be able to achieve high-quality artistic images that will theirs to treasure for life.
New babies grow and change so much in the first stages of their life. A gift that can capture their development and immortalise those once-in-a-lifetime moments is a great way to congratulate any new parents on their exciting arrival.


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