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AIG Bank Mortgage Rates
Mortgage Rates at AIG Bank:
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New Loan - Refi 

AIG Bank Mortgage Rates: Your place for information about the Best Mortgage Brokers, Lowest Cost Mortgages, Tax Breaks, Zero Cost Loans, When to Refinance a Loan, Best Interest Rates and more.

Rates for a New Loan or a refinance

AIG Bank Mortgage Rates as of 6/14/11

Loan Type
Rate %
    30-Year Fixed 4.500% 4.606%
    20-Year Fixed 4.250% 4.394%
    15-Year Fixed 3.750% 3.995%
    5/1 ARM 3.500% 3.266%
    5/1 Jumbo ARM 3.500% 3.208%

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