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Best Digital SLR Camera
Best digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras
How to buy the best, new digital SLR camera 
  Best Digital Cameras:  SLR - Compact Point & Shoot - Subcompact Point & Shoot

Nov 25, 2011:  The Wall Street Journal's  Smart Money magazine:  So far, it us unanimous. CNet, Consumer Reports Magazine and, the December 2011 Issue of "Smart Money" on page 84 all recommend one digital SLR camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i
"The Canon T3i's intuitive settings help amateur shutterbugs capture crisp shots, even in low light situations, the pros say.  Its flip-out, 3-inch LCD screen lets shooters maneuver around awkward angles to get snapshots and video.  Plus, there are more than 60 compatible lenses.
Below we list organization, current price range and recommendations. We own a 2008 Nikon D60 with VR lenses and still love it, but you get many more features with newer models.  If you are paying top dollar for a digital SLR camera, then it is well worth the extra money to buy lenses with "VR" for "Vibration Reduction" or "IS" for "Image Stabilization."  

Next check the most popular models:  Often there is  "wisdom in the masses" so you should check a list of the  to see what others decided to buy:
You may not always agree with all conclusions from "the masses" or the experts from "Consumer Reports", but at least we know neither is influenced by the need to sell advertising.

Final Step to selecting your new camera  Do your own research in the store as your tastes will probably be somewhat different from "the masses" or "Consumer Reports."

Whatever you decide, we STRONGLY recommend lenses with image stabilization and the biggest memory card the camera holds so you never run out and don't have to fuss around with changing out memory when the light as fading fast where every second is precious.  These days, you can buy a 16BG memory card for a tiny $20

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