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Most Reliable Cars
The Most Reliable Automobiles
According to Consumer Reports
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Good news for GM according to Consumer Reports. (Subscribe Now)  Excerpts from this video below


  • 83% of Chevrolets are average or better reliability.
  • "GM is now on the radar screen for buying a good vehicle."
"Ford has led the way in terms of reliablity..... they've had really good reliability on nearly all of their products."

"Chrysler has got some good products coming out next year, but their current products haven't been very good and their reliability is not good at all."

Honda:  "The most reliable manufacture at the moment is Honda.  They really lead the charge... all their cars average or better reliablity."

"Toyota did have a lot of problems with recalls...still very good manufacture... Most of their vehicles are average or better reliability.  Big dissapointment is the Toyote Prius... only average reliability... number of issues on breaking. "

"Hyundai and Kia.... reliability also very good.  They test extremely well... only one below average reliablity is Kia Sedona, the mini van..... relatively inexpensive which makes them an excellent value."

Watch the whole video below titled:
Who Makes the Best Cars: Consumer Reports Annual Auto Reliability Survey

Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto Reliability survey, covering more than 1 million cars, can tell you which car companies are making the best cars and which cars will give you the least trouble. Find more reliability data on our website: www.consumerreports.org   =>Subscribe Consumer Reports<=

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