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The Best Home Theater System
The best home theater system under $6,000 for 2012
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April 4, 2012: We are in the process of writing other articles as we research upgrading our own system. If you have any models you want us to review or systems to consider, then send your request to us at: HomeTheaterReviews@ForBestAdvice(remove).com

A friend just built a system for $8,000.  We think he made very good choices.  About $1,800 of his budget was spent on furniture that others don't need so this $6,000 category will cover what he bought and/or what we recommend instead.

Selecting from these choices for TV, AV Receiver and Speakers should help you build your own home theater system for under $6,000 that will impress your friends and give you a great audio-video home theater experience.

TV - HDTV Monitor:  
Must Have:  Bigger is usually better.  From 10 to 12 feet away, we like 55" to 60" and 3D with "240 Hz" or higher for action and sports.
MUST HAVE LIST:  Ver 1.4 3D HDMI, Audyssey Dynamic Volume Equalization, 100W/channel into 8 Ohms
  • Top Choice if you want to listen as an audiophile and videophile Marantz SR7005 Audio Video Receiver   $1,700
    • Audyssey Dynamic Volume, Dyamic EQ, DSX and MultEQ XT room accoustic calibration
    • Ver.1.4 3D ready 6 HDMI inputs(including 1 front input) 2 selectable outputs
    • USB input for music playback with iPhone/iPod and USB memory
    • Bluetooth capability with option RX10
    • Network player function for music/photo streaming, Compatible with Windows7
    • 125W per channel
  • Top value choice for video and audio quality
The rest of the budget goes here.  We recommend a matched package with a subwoofer for the best home theater experience.
It is very hard to go wrong with KEF Home Theater Speaker Systems for value and quality.  Our friend put his whole speaker budget into a pair of KEF speakers and a less expensive center channel since his main goal was to listen to records on an expensive new turntable (not in our budget),  For home theater, we like the choice of KEF but would get a matched set for the five main channels plus a subwoofer then use your old speakers for the two to four others you can add.

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Brands:                                                                         TOP OF PAGE
HDTV: LG , Panasonic, Samsung, Sony
Receiver:  Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer, Yamaha
Speakers:  KEF, Velodyne, Paradigm, Polk

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