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Checked Baggage Fees
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Most air travelers shop for price so airlines try to keep their advertised rates as low as possible.  What they don't tell you is many are adding many extra fees they consider "optional service" that used to only apply to alcoholic beverage service.  Checked baggage fees in addition to over weight and over sized baggage fees have become a significant source of revenue for the airlines.  This table below should help you better compare the total cost of travel for tickets plus baggage fees between major airlines. 

We've noticed some airlines that we posted have fees for checked baggage will advertise on this site a special where the first piece of luggage is checked free.   Also check =>   Carry-on Baggage Rules

Checked Baggage Fees
each way
as of 9/27/09

1st 50# 2nd 50# 3rd 50# 4th 50#
Air Canada

Air France - KLM
Free $150
Alaska Airlines / Horzon Air
All Nippon Airways
Free Free $34-$130
America West Airlines

American Airlines - Domestic

American Airlines - International Free Free

British Airways

China Southern Airlines

Continental Airlines
$20 $30

Delta Airlines
$20 $30



Japan Airlines
Free Free $50 OW fee
Korean Air

Free Free 40€/kg. OW fee
Northwest Airlines
$20 $30 $100


Scandinavian Airlines

Southwest Airlines
Free Free

United Airlines
OS=$175 OW=$125
US Airways


Most have additional terms, fees and specials so check with your carrier before you book your flight.
Carry-on Luggage Rules

Most major airlines officially permit one free carry-on bag and one accessory item such as a handbag, laptop computer or a camera.   We have not heard of any airline charging an extra fee for carry on luggage, yet. 

Carry-on Luggage Limits.  Alaska Airlines states the following
You're allowed one carry-on bag, which can measure up to 10" H x 17" W x 24" L (25 x 43 x 61 cm) including wheels and handles, plus one personal item, such as a purse, briefcase or laptop computer. At least one of the items should be stowed under the seat in front of you. 
Items exceeding the free carry-on allowance are usually added as an additional item of checked baggage

Additional Notes:

OW = Over Weight Baggage Fee
OS = Over Size Baggage Fee
50# = 50 pounds or 23 kg.


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