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==> Million Dollar Stock Portfolio Challenge Bonus Buck Trivia Answers  <==

CNBC's Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge is back.  Each weekday CNBC will ask three trivia questions for a chance to earn 2,000 bonus bucks for each correct answer. All questions will be in the form of multiple choice answers. 

Daily Answers

Weekly Challenge Questions 
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Question #1.  According to Ilian Mihov, a professor of Economics at the INSEAD business school, Italy will have to refinance what percentage of its total debt in 2012.

Answer 1:         B. 20%

Question #2    What major government official told a news conference on Thursday that the United Kingdom is preparing itself for a wide range of European financial crises?

Answer 2    B. Bank of England Governor Mervyn King

Question #3.  According to a new report, how many days delinquent is the average housing loan in foreclosure?
Answer 3:  A. 631 days

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