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Bob Brinker in 2000
Bob Brinker's Market Outlook For 2012
Brinker, fully invested since 2003 remains bullish for 2012
With the S&P in the mid 1200s, Brinker says "market attractive for purchase in the low-1100s"

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Dec. 27, 2011:  Sunday December 25, 2011 was Christmas.  Most of the stations that still carry "Moneytalk with host Bob Brinker" played Christmas music or replays of old shows.  You can read our last review of the show at
Moneytalk Summaries - December 18, 2011

Dec. 21, 2011
:   Mark Hulbert selected Bob Brinker among nine newsletters that made his reconfigured 2011 Honor Roll.   What is odd is he reconfigured his list to include the last two "down periods" including the decline that began in this Spring yet Brinker is on this new list despite being fully invested for the last two declines.  Brinker has been fully invested, 100% in stocks, since March 2003!  In the Decemer 2012 issue of the "Hulbert Financial Digest" (which I subscribe to but DO NOT RECOMMEND) Hulbert writes of what I now consider his nonsensical Honor Roll:
To be sure, constructing the Honor Roll in this way runs the risk of eliminating those newsletters with the best long-term returns.
In a Barron's article titled "Focus on Funds,", Murray Coleman writes:
Bob Brinker (Bob Brinker’s Marketimer) — Brinker writes: “In our view, the S&P 500 index has the potential to trade into the low-to-mid 1400s range in 2012. On a valuation basis, using our conservative operating earnings estimate of $101 for next year, a price/earnings multiple of 14 would enable the S&P 500 index to reach the low-to-mid 1400s level.”

Brinker adds:

“We continue to rate the market attractive for purchase in the event the index returns to the area of the correction lows in the low-1100s. Above that range we suggest a dollar-cost-average approach for new stock market money.”

All of his Marketimer model portfolios are fully invested. The S&P 500 was most recently trading down 0.2% at 1238.38 on Wednesday.

Forbes Magazine, one I also subscribe to and highly recommend, was not fooled.  In their December 19, 2011 article "Thank Goodness for Index Funds" Rick Ferri wrote:
Finally, index investors were saved from countless terrible market calls made by so-called experts. Here is a sample of bad advice that torpedoed the savings of many people:
Bob Brinker couldn’t have been more off the mark with his market prediction in late 2007.  “The short-term correction that began in October and continued into November has served as a health-restoring pullback and has paved the way for new record highs in the S&P 500 index.” The S&P 500 collapsed 37 percent in 2008.
Brinker wrote in his Dec. 2007 Marketimer:
We continue to rate the market as attractive for purchase in the mid-1400’s… Any additional weakness below this range is regarded as a gift horse buying opportunity.
So of course it should remain "attractive for purchase" 350 points lower while he was 100% invested in stocks the whole time!  What nonsense and SHAME on Mark Hulbert for supporting this nonsense. 
I'm rather pleased that the Forbes article references an article I wrote. I am even more pleased that Forbes likes my strategy of index funds from Vanguard for your core portfolio that I recommend for 80 to 95% of your assets. Rick Ferri adds:
"A simple buy-and-hold strategy with occasional rebalancing works wonders for serious investors."
"I am also thankful for John C. Bogle, the founder of the Vanguard group and widely recognized as the father of index fund investing. He made this strategy possible for all investors."
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