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The American Diabetes Association (ADA) stated mission is to “cure” diabetes. Dr. Franklin House in " "Diabetes Crisis: Treatment Options: How the ADA, Pharma, & Traditional Health Care Fail Patients" writes this mission is not working well due to conflicts with the food industry. 

   "A significant part of the problem is the ADA’s guidelines for the diabetes diagnostic level, its parameters for blood sugar “control,” and its dietary recommendations, all of which are suboptimal, thanks to allegiances to the food industry and pharmaceutical companies who have a monopoly.
   For example, the ADA’s recent recommendation to initiate earlier insulin intervention is potentially medically dangerous. A program of increasingly higher doses of insulin causes cellular resistance to the hormone. In addition, too much insulin causes weight gain, and contributes to large blood vessel diseases like heart attacks and strokes."

Dr House says "The Center for Disease Control predicts that 1 in 3 children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes during his or her lifetime—1 in 2 among certain demographics." 

30-Day Diabetes Miracle CureThe 30-Day Diabetes Miracle offers practical solutions that are easy to understand and simple to embrace as part of your daily routine. As a result, you’ll begin to experience the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle without unpleasant side effects. And in just 30 days you can begin to:

    * Achieve and maintain your ideal weight for the rest of your life
    * Reduce or stop many of your medications
    * Avoid hospitalizations, surgeries and debilitation complications
    * Eliminate counterproductive lifestyle choices and habits
    * Enjoy more hope, energy and a zest for life!
    * Take ownership of your own health and future
    * Feel and look healthier than you ever imagined possible
    * Discover that you can control or stop your diabetes

A month is all it takes: It’s true. In less than a month, you can look and feel better with a new sense of health and real hope for the future. All you need to get started is a copy of "
The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle" and a commitment to change your life.

The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle: Lifestyle Center of America's Complete Program to Stop Diabetes, Restore Health,and Build Natural Vitality The Diabetes Cure: A Natural Plan That Can Slow, Stop, Even Cure Type 2 Diabetes The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle Cookbook: Stop Diabetes with an Easy-to-Follow Plant-Based, Carb-Counting Diet
30-Day Diabetes Miracle Cure The Diabetes Cure
30-Day Diabetes Miracle Cookbook

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