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Largest Banks in the United States
by Assets for 2007


List of the 30 largest banks in the United States ranked by total assets in thousands of dollars:

Bank Name (city, state) Consolidated
1. Citigroup (New York, N.Y.) $2,220,866
2. Bank of America Corp. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1,535,684
3. J. P. Morgan Chase & Company (Columbus, Ohio) 1,458,042
4. Wachovia Corp. (Charlotte, N.C.) 719,922
5. Taunus Corp. (New York, N.Y.) 579,062
6. Wells Fargo & Company (San Fransisco, Calif.) 539,865
7. HSBC North America Inc. (Prospect Heights, Ill.) 483,630
8. U.S. Bancorp (Minneapolis, Minn.) 222,530
9. Suntrust Banks, Inc. (Atlanta, Ga.) 180,314
10. ABN Amro North America (Chicago, Ill.) 160,341
11. Citizens Financial Group, Inc. (Providence, R.I.) 159,392
12. Capital One Financial Corp. (McLean, Va.) 145,937
13. National City Bank (Cleveland, Ohio) 140,648
14. Regions Financial Corp. (Birmingham, Ala.) 137,624
15. BB&T Corp. (Winston-Salem, N.C.) 127,577

Rank Name (city, state) Consolidated
16. PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (Pittsburg, Pa.) 125,736
17. State Street Corp. (Boston, Mass.) $112,345
18. Fifth Third Bancorp (Cincinnati, Ohio) 101,389
19. Keycorp (Cleveland, Ohio) 93,490
20. Bancwest Corp. (Honolulu, Hawaii) 70,661
21. Harris Financial Corp. (Wilmington, Del.) 64,475
22. Northern Trust Corp. (Chicago, Ill.) 59,609
23. Comerica Incorporated (Dallas, Tex.) 58,945
24. Marshall & Ilsley Corp. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 58,327
25. M&T Bank Corp. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 57,869
26. Union Bank of Calif. (San Francisco, Calif.) 53,173
27. Charles Schwab Corp. (San Francisco, Calif.) 49,003
28. Zions Bancorporation (Salt Lake City, Utah) 48,703
29. Commerce Bancorp, Inc. (Cherry Hill, N.J.) 48,231
30. Popular, Inc. (San Juan, Puerto Rico) 46,985

NOTE: As of Sept. 30, 2007
Source: Federal Reserve System, National Information Center & www.infoplease.com
Article: Beware of Annuities

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