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The Bradley siderograph was developed in the 1940's by Donald Bradley to forecast the stock markets. Bradley assigned numerical values to certain planetary constellations for every day, and the sum is the siderograph. It was originally intended to predict the stock markets. William Eng, a noted technical analyst, singled out the Bradley as the only 'excellent' Timing Indicator in his book, "Technical Analysis of Stocks, Options, and Futures" (source: Astrikos).

Many traders and financial astrologers misunderstand the Bradley siderograph. The Bradley siderograph does not reliably predict the direction but only turning points in the financial markets (stocks, bonds, bonds, commodities) within a time window of +/- 4 calendar days. Some incorrectly report "Bradley inversions" which cannot occur because the Bradley Siderograph does not reliably indicate trend directions. In addition, it is not a timing tool for short-term trends but rather for intermediate-term to longer-term trends because the turning window is +/- four calendar days.

Arch Crawford (USA)
The Crawford Perspective
Peter Eliades
Stockmarket Cycles
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List of Bradley Turn Dates for: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012,
, 2014  2015  & 2016  .... check back for 2017

Peter Eliades of "Stock Market Cycles" wrote, "The indicator was devised in the 1940s by Donald Bradley. He assigned numerical values to the position of planetary constellations for each day and used the sum of those calculations to draw a siderograph, the prefix "sidero-" in this case standing for stars or constellations." Eliades also wrote "Theoretically, the dates of the turns in the Bradley are more important than the actual magnitude of the moves, but the recent indications of turns have been eerily accurate."
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