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In addition to being a nationally syndicated personal finance columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times, Terry Savage is a frequent guest on national radio and television shows ranging from PBS' Nightly Business Report to CNN and CNBC. Terry has appeared several times on Oprah! Plus Terry has been the regular substitute host of the nationally syndicated Moneytalk with Bob Brinker radio show on ABC radio.

Terry's financial knowledge comes from experience in the trenches. She started her career as a stockbroker, and became a founding member -- and the first woman trader -- on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Savage was also a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's International Monetary Market where she traded interest rate contracts and currency futures. She is a registered investment advisor for both stocks and futures.

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Books by Terry Savage:

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The Savage Number: How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?
Terry Savage, shows readers how to find the answers to their retirement questions. The Savage Number provides the hands-on techniques to plan a successful, satisfying retirement. Savage takes readers beyond "guesstimates" and wishful thinking. Instead, she introduces readers to the world of Monte Carlo modeling—the statistical science of modeling multiple alternatives to come up with a range of highly probable results. The process guides readers through the critical decisions about how to invest their retirement money—and how much they can withdraw to live on—so their money lasts their entire lifetime! Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, The Savage Number takes the guesswork out of retirement planning, so readers can overcome those obstacles and comfortably enjoy the rest of their lives.

Click to Order Book The Savage Truth on Money
Finding financial advice these days is pretty easy, and for most of us the real problem is not getting advice, it's getting good advice. Which is something that Terry Savage dispenses in good measure in The Savage Truth on Money. It's not that Savage has found a new way to get rich. She hasn't. What makes this book work is her commonsense approach to attaining financial security. At the heart of Savage's advice is the notion that getting ahead is a matter of "self-discipline," which "means making knowledgeable decisions based on a rational assessment of likely results and then sticking to your decisions in the face of emotional upheaval." Forget about sticking your head in the sand--for Savage, knowledge is power, and knowledge begins when you examine your own relationship to money. She encourages getting online as way to manage your finances, educate yourself, and seek out new opportunities. The book is filled with insights on topics such as risk management, investing in mutual funds, saving for college, and buying insurance.

Definition:  A Certificate of Deposit or CD is certificate from a bank stating that the named party has a specified sum on deposit, usually for a given period of time at a fixed rate of interest.  Often there is a penalty for early withdrawal (taking your money out before the specified period of time.)



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