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Major World Market Graphs at a Glance



Not a scamHit$4PayWe've been getting regular check from Hits4pay for years.

With Hits4pay you get paid to read email you load in one browser window while you work or play games in the other windows, watch TV or do anything else.

Advanced Management Group

The typical setup is whoever they hook in will get a FedEx "rush" delivery of Money Grams to deposit to their account and then instantly wire via Western Union funds from your account less the "fee" you are allowed to keep.  4 day's later your account is empty because the Money Grams are forgeries, but you sent your cash to Nigeria, Russia or some other country.
Postal Forwarding Scam or Reshipping fraud 
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"Hiring Freelance Writers"

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 "CSI Training Opening - Hands on training in forensics"


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