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Best Fly-Fishing Lodges and Resorts

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Here is a summary of the top 10 fly fishing resorts by name, species, location and rate.  Discounts and special offers can lower the price.

Name Species
Weekly rate
as of May 2010
1 Agua Boa Amazon Lodge
Peacock bass
2 Alphonse Island Fishing Company
Seychelles Islands
3 The Atlantic Salmon Reserve
Atlantic salmon
Kola Peninsula, Russia
4 Bristol Bay Lodge
Pacific salmon, char, and grayling
Bristol Bay, Alaska
5 Firehole Ranch
West Yellowstone, Montana
6 Kamalame Cay
Andros Island, The Bahamas
7 Lower Dean River Lodge
British Columbia, Canada
8 Nomads of the Seas
(A 150 ft sailing yacht)
Rainbow, brown, and brook trout
9 Poronui
Rainbow and brown trout
New Zealand
10 Wilson's Sporting Camps
Atlantic salmon
New Brunswick, Canada
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