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How To Book Cheap Flights Online
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How To Book Cheap Flights Online

#1:  Do your homework.
  Your cheapest flights are during the off season where demand is low.  If you can travel in the off season, you will save money.  For example, if you are going to visit grandma in Aspen Colorado, it is cheaper to go when the skiiers are not there on vacation.

#2 Clear your computer's cookies:  Sneaky airlines put smal files on your computer called "cookies" where they can track your user ID and preferences.  They can also see what airfares they've shown you already.  Write doen your annount name and password then clear the cookie for that site. (you don't have to clear them all but it helps if you clear all cookies for all travel and advertising related sites. 
See How To Clear Cookies

Best time to Book Flights?  When is the best time and day to get the lowest air fair?

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