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Bob Brinker's Marketimer Income Portfolio and Radio Advice for Cash
YTD Performance of  Bob Brinker's Fixed Income Portfolio through September 11, 2014

September 12, 2014 Article
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Income Portfolio Update & Radio Advice Below

The bond market has surprised many this year with how well it has done despite the fear of the Federal Reserve increasing the Fed Funds short term rates in 2015. 

One of our readers posted the results of Bob Brinker's "Marketimer Income Portfolio" at Silicon Investor1 with the following details and comparisons for performance through 9/10/14.   We updated the performance numbers through today (9/11/14 closing prices) in the graph below.

How is the Marketimer Income Portfolio doing so far, Year to Date (YTD)?

Here's the details:
  • DLSNX, 1.47% YTD
  • FFRHX, 1.87% YTD
  • MWLDX, 1.28% YTD
  • OSTIX, 3.18% YTD
Each of the four funds in the Income Portfolio has a weighting of 25%, so a simple average of the four gives a result of 1.95% YTD for the Income Portfolio on page 7 of Marketimer.

How about the YTD performance of some more traditional fixed income funds, not found in Marketimer?  Here's some popular choices:
  • Vanguard GNMA 4.49% YTD
  • Vanguard Total Bond Market Index fund 3.85% YTD
  • Vanguard Intermediate Term Corporate (VCIT) 6.04% YTD
  • Vanguard Intermediate Term Treasury 2.54% YTD
  • Vanguard Inflation Protected Securities 4.62% YTD
  • Metropolitan West Total Return Bond 4.15% YTD
  • DoubleLine Total Return Bond 5.07% YTD
  • DoubleLine Core Fixed Income 5.75% YTD
  • PIMCO Total Return ETF (BOND) 4.78% YTD
  • PIMCO Total Return Fund (PTTRX) 3.51% YTD
  • Schwab US Aggregate Bond ETF 3.97% YTD
  • Fidelity Total Bond 4.23% YTD
Radio Advice: Of course, on his "Moneytalk with Bob Brinker" radio show, Bob has given excellent advice to callers worried about higher rates.  He says invest in CD ladders.  We like this as it saves fees lost on managed mutual funds at a time the fees are significant compared to the exceptionally low rates offered. 

Here are some of the top paying CDs with FDIC we like:
==> Make sure you enter the "Amount" you have to invest as you often get higher rates if you have more to invest.  For example, on 9/13/14 we put in $100,000+ and got a JUMBO CD rate of 2.30%.  This changes often, especially when banks have new loans to fund, so check back.

Year to date, Bob Brinker's best performing fund in his "income portfolio" is the "Osterweis Strategic Income" Bond Fund which is up  3.18% YTD through 9/11/14.  Note that this performance comes in large part by investing in risky junk (high yield) bonds! It may also own stocks, but as of June 29, 2014 doesn't hold any.  From Yahoo!:
   The investment seeks to preserve capital and attain long-term total returns. The fund invests primarily in income bearing securities, including a wide range of debt and dividend-paying equity securities.
   Its fixed income investments may include, but are not limited to, U.S. Federal and Agency obligations, investment grade corporate debt, domestic high yield debt or "junk bonds", floating-rate debt, convertible debt, collateralized debt, municipal debt, foreign debt and/or depositary receipts and preferred stock.
    The fund may also invest up to 100% of its assets in foreign debt (including emerging markets) and/or depositary receipts.
Overall Portfolio Composition  =  Cash: 12.70%,  Stocks:  0.00, Bonds: 81.44% & Other:  0.86%

Chart of Brinker's Income Portfolio Components through 9/11/14
Note that Vanguard's Total Bond Index Fund is up 3.73% YTD and Vanguard's GNMA fund is up 4.57% YTD
S&P500 YTD Through Sept. 2, 2014

9/12/14 Editor's note
Bob Brinker's three "model portfolios" with stocks remain fully invested with no change in the September newsletter.  We suspect he will issue a "special bulletin" if the market has one of the anticipated corrections he's been looking for.  See "Bob Brinker's Advice for New Money."

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