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Demoted from KGO for poor ratings

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News with editorial comments by Kirk Lindstrom
Station Manager says poor ratings was demise of Moneytalk on KGO
(Is this a sign of a bottom when listeners lose interest in financial shows?)

December 8, 2011:  On Friday December 2, 2011 we learned the "KGO News Talk 810" radio station dropped "Moneytalk with host Bob Brinker" and several other talk shows due to falling ratings.  On Ron Owen's talk show, one of many that were not cancelled, KGO station manager Paul Hosley told the listening audience that slipping ratings with the station's longtime all-talk format was the reason for the change.
"We thought that there would be a better opportunity to build audience by going to a semi-all news format.  Our talk format has been wonderful over the years for KGO, but the audience really hasn't stayed with us. The audience isn't there. We believe that news will attract more listeners."

More at  KGO Drops Moneytalk with Bob Brinker and Bay Area Station Ratings for November 2011
If you look at the station ratings (below) you will see that KCBS, the station I listen to (740AM/106.9FM) for news when driving, has nearly double the audience of KGO.  At one time, I believe KGO had a larger audience or at least was competitive with KCBS.

To make room for more news talk during the week, it appears KGO dropped Moneytalk and replaced it with other talk shows that were at different times before the reorganization.  I say appears because I don't have the schedules for the KGO talk shows that replaced Moneytalk before the swtich.

Fortunately for Bay Area "Bob Brinker Fan Club" listeners, the owner of KGO, Cumulus Media, Inc., is not stupid.  Moneytalk has an audience that is worth money to advertisers so Cumulus made room for Moneytalk on their smaller (5,000 Watt) station, KSFO, in the same time slot.  Even with only one tenth the power, this is strong enough for most people in the Bay Area to get Moneytalk without a problem.   
Branding     Hot Talk 560 KSFO
Slogan     The News and Views You Won't Hear Anywhere Else
Frequency     560 kHz (also on HD Radio)
First air date     1925
Format     News/Talk
Power     5,000 watts (5 kW)
Class     B

Facility ID     34472
Transmitter coordinates     37°44′44.00″N 122°22′40.00″W
(San Francisco midway between AT&T Park in China Basin and Candlestick park below Hunter's Point)
Branding     "KGO News Talk 810"
Slogan     The Bay Area's News and Information Station
Frequency     810 kHz (also on HD Radio)
First air date     1924
Format     News/Talk
Power     50,000 watts (50 kW)
Class     A (Clear Channel)

Facility ID     34471
Transmitter coordinates     37°31′35″N 122°06′2″W
(just off HWY 84 on the East Bay side of the Dumbarton Bridge)
New KSFO Sunday Program Schedule

Start Finish Show Name
12:00AM 5:00AM Coast To Coast AM
5:00AM 8:00AM Rabbi Daniel Lapin
8:00AM 11:00AM Bob Tanem in the Garden
11:00AM 1:00PM Edible Escapes
1:00PM 4:00PM Bob Brinker
4:00PM 7:00PM Barbara Simpson
7:00PM 10:00PM John Batchelor
10:00PM 12:00AM Coast To Coast AM

New KGO Sunday Program Schedule

Start Finish Show Name
12:00AM 1:00AM Spencer Hughes
1:00AM 5:00AM Red Eye Radio
5:00AM 8:00AM Brent Walters
8:00AM 11:00AM Pat Thurston
11:00AM 2:00PM Brian Copeland
2:00PM 5:00PM Stacy Taylor
5:00PM 7:00PM News Talk
7:00PM 10:00PM Karel
10:00PM 12:00AM Spencer Hughes

  • Class A (former I): clear-channel stations, 10 kW to 50 kW day and night
  • Class B (former II and III): 250 W to 50 kW (to 10 kW on 1620 kHz to 1710 kHz)
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