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Current and Historical Libor Rates at at Glance
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LIBOR is the London Interbank Offered Rate.  It is a daily reference rate based on the interest rates banks in the London wholesale money market (or interbank market) offer to lend unsecured funds to each other.  LIBOR is usually slightly higher than the London Interbank Bid Rate (LIBID).   LIBID is the rate the same banks are prepared to accept deposits. 

Current Libor RatesHistorical Libor Rates - Libor at a Glance 

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Graph of 6-Month LIBOR in US Dollars

Graph of 1-Year LIBOR in US Dollars

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Bond Buyer's 20 bond index is a daily publication known as the "Red Book" that features statistics and index figures relative to the fixed income markets. This index tracks the prices of a selected group of municipal bonds.  The index is used to set the cost of municipal debt and helps indicate the direction of municipal bond prices, but otherwise has little impact on most ordinary investors.

"Call Money" is the interest rate charged by banks to brokers for money used to finance investors' margin loans.  It is is the benchmark rate for what investors pay to buy securities on margin. A service charge or markup is typically added by the broker.

FNMA 30 yr Mtg Com del 60 daysFNMA is short for "Federal National Mortgage Association" often called "Fannie Mae."  Fannie Mae is a corporation created by Congress to support the secondary mortgage market.  Fannie Mae purchases Federal Home Administration, Veterans Affairs and conventional mortgages from primary lenders and sells them to investors big and small.  The index measures mortgage commitments (Mtg Com) for delivery (del) within 30 to 60 days.  The number quoted is the required net yield on mortgage loans that lenders sell to FNMA, which in turn sells them to investors.

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