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Bob Brinker in 2000
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2014 Bond Timer of the Year
2013 Bond Timer of the Year

Congratulations to Bob Brinker!!!
Updated March 29, 2015
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Kirk Lindstrom on Cover of Timer Digest
2014 Bond Timer of the Year! On January 2, 2015 the venerable Timer Digest named James Stack and Bob Brinker as "Bond Timers of the Year."  They were bullish all year and matched the T-Bond index.

2014 Bond Timer of the Year

 It looks like all other bond timers thought bonds would have a poor 2014.  This is quite the honor! 

Guess who won the award last year, yours truly!

2013 Bond Timer of the Year! On January 2, 2014 the venerable Timer Digest named Bernie Schaeffer, Arch Crawford, Kirk Lindstrom, James Dines, along with Steve Hochberg and Peter Kendall as The Timer Digest 2013 Bond Timers of the Year.

2013 Bond Timer of the Year

Kirk Here: Bob Brinker remains fully invested and has recommended dollar cost averaging in new money into the stock market.   Bob Brinker has had his model portfolios FULLY INVESTED, 100% in equities, since March 2003.  Bob Brinker's "Marketimer" newsletter missed the biggest bear market since the Great Depression where he was wildly bullish near the top so take his ability to time the stock markets with a grain of salt.  For more on this, read:
Excerpt from Kirk Lindstrom's Investment Letter
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Kirk Lindstrom on Cover of Timer Digest
Note1.  Commentary emailed to a reader from John Rosati of the "Bob Brinker Group"
Kirk Here:  My core and explore portfolios recently made all time highs!!!   For more conservative investors who have no interest in individual stocks, I co-edit "The Retirement Advisor"  where our most aggressive model portfolio is slightly less aggressive then the "core conservative portfolio" in Kirk Lindstrom's Investment Letter."   For more explanation, see  "Kirk's Two Investment Letters - Which is Best for You?

Best Investment Newsletter Performance
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