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ABC's Market Timer Bob Brinker helps Moneytalk listeners reach the "Land of Critical Mass."  This is the place for Information about Bob Brinker,  Bob Brinker's Stock Market Timing Model, Marketimer Newsletter and Model Portfolios. Note, the "Brinker Fixed Income Advisor newsletter" is written by his son, Bob Brinker Jr.   

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4/7/18: Bob Brinker remains fully invested as he has been since March 2003.  He's  a 15-year member of the "Church of Buy and Hold."  See today's article for more of Brinker's latest comments.

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Sept '13
Sept. 29, 2013 Moneytalk Summary  Timer Digest's Top Stock Market Timers 
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  Robert "Bob" Brinker's Biography - The First 50 Years 
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 Proposal to Cap IRAs & 2013 Taxes
Mar '13
New Market Highs! Bob Brinker Buy Levels
Feb '13
Feb 25 Moneytalk Summary
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Jan '13
Elaine Garzarelli & Bob Brinker Bullish for 2013 Jan 27 Moneytalk Show Summary - Recap

ArticleHow to Get the Best CD Rates

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Nov '12
Sell QQQ & Buy VTI  Bob Brinker's Original QQQ Advice
Oct '12
  Brinker's Market Advice & Show Summary - Oct 7 Show
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Dancing Bob Brinker 
June 12
Brinker's 5 Root Causes of a Bear Market Review 
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Bob's Specific Advice for: GNMAs  - TIPS & I-Bonds 
Feb '12
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AKREX - Akre Focus Retail Fund 
Dec '11
SF Bay Area: Moneytalk Demoted to KSFO for Ratings
Dec 18  & Dec 25  
Nov '11
Nov. 7 Brinker is Bullish!  Says No Recession   Nov 20 
Sept '11
Summary for Sept. 11   Sept 25 Charlie Maxwell Sept 22 Bulletin 
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Bob's New Fund Recommendation DLTNX  
Apr '11
April 24 Moneytalk Summary  Elaine Garzarelli Bullish - Has 1500 S&P500 Target 
Mar' 11
Bob Brinker on Earthquake & Tsunami in JapanPowershares QQQQ Reverts Back to QQQ 
Feb '11
Lakshman Achuthan of ECRI Retirement Portfolios at All Time Highs  
Jan '11
Bob Brinker's TIPS Advice How Beginner Investors Can Get Started 
Dec '10
 Vanguard GNMA Fund (VFIIX) Advice  December Reading 
Nov '10 Dancing Bob Brinker  Cost of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Bailouts 
Oct '10No Social Security COLA for 2011Fixed Income - Bond Fund Risks
Sep '10Bob Brinker Muni, GO and Bond Fund AdviceElaine Garzarelli Bullish - 1300 S&P500 Target
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Jul '10
Brinker Says BUY Best CD Rates Survey 
Jun '10
 Brinker Review of "5 Root Causes of a Bear Market"
May '10
 Sunday's Only Moneytalk TIPS vs GNMA Performance  
Apr '10
Secular Bear Market Definition Bob BrinkeriBond Rates
Mar '10
Brinker on Health Care Legislation  TIPS vs GNMA Performance
Feb '10
IRA & 401K in Government Annuities 
BJ Group - Genworth Financial Class Action
Jan '10
Moneytalk Jan 2 Show Summary  Moneytalk Guests and Books

Jan 2009
 Brinker Fixed Income Advisor 2008 Performance  Bob Brinker Marketimer 2008 Performance

Dec '08 Pre-Refunded CA GO Bonds Bob Brinker Still Bullish $50B Ponzi Scheme
Nov '08
Two of the Worst Stock Market Calls in History
Oil Could Fall to $20 
Oct '08
Bear Market Reaches 47% from the top. Bob Brinker Fully Invested for the full decline
Sept '08
Bob Brinker Still Fully Invested
Sept 27 Bear Statistics
Aug '08
John Bogle's Advice  Two Years of Nothing  Bob Brinker Bear Market Quotes
July '08
Brinker's Bear Market Definition  Official Bear Market
Brinker's Market Outlook
June '08
  Barton Biggs & Brinker Bullish  
Apr '08 2008 Earnings Estimate
Bob & Ben On High Inflation
Feb '08
Low 1300s Buy Level 
Fan Club Update
Jan. '08 60-day Put Call Ratio
Critical Mass Definition Jim Cramer

Dec '07 Asset Allocation
Oil Prices and Inflation Mid 1400's Buying Opportunity
Nov '07 Timing Model Update
Brinker Still Bullish on Stocks
Oct '07 Bob is Bullish
Sept '07 60-day Put Call Ratio Dollar Cost Average or Lump Sum?

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QQQQ Controversy: The results were a disaster but the advice is not reflected in Bob's official record.
Oct 2000 Bulletin
Oct 2000 Letter to Managed Accounts
Peter Brimelow on cover-up

NBR Transcripts:
 October 17, 1997  Buy UTEK
July 23, 1999 Kirk's  MSFT Question & Steve Thompson asks about UTEK

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